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How to Log in?

To fully take advantage of ProxiDoo, we encourage you to activate your glocalization in your browser and create an account and then log in.

How to create an account?

Click on “log in” on the top menu bar. A popup screen will appear that allows you to login with your Gmail or your Facebook or your email account.

For a fast login, you can user your Google or your Facebook accounts.

If you want to use an email account, you must first click on “create an account” at the bottom right of the Log in popup screen. Then, fill in your email and confirm. You will receive an email in your inbox (check your spam box if you can’t find it). Follow the instructions and once completed, you will be able to log in.

How to reset a forgotten password?

If have created a login by using your email address, you must click on “log in” on the top menu bar then click on “Forgot your password” on the bottom right of the popup screen.

Enter your email address and you will receive instructions on how to reset a new password.

How to search for activities?

ProxiDoo has over 1 million activities. You will surely find a lot of interesting things to do.

Finding ideas

When opening ProxiDoo, it automatically displays search results with activities and events for “Going out” in a tile format. The results are ordered by the closest to the furthest in distance from your current position. The distance is shown on the top left corner of each tile in green.

If you are staying home and seeking for things to do at home, then click on the “Stay Home” button. ProxiDoo will provide a search result with suggested activities. (In some geographies, only cable TV programs are available for the time being.)

If you are looking for practical information such as transportation, parking, hotels, etc. then click on the “I need” button. ProxiDoo will provide a search result with suggestions.

Addition ideas through our blog posts

In addition to the idea buttons “Go Out”, “Stay Home” and “I need”, regular blogs are posted in order to share with you our best ideas and proposals. You can access the blog posts by clicking on “Blog” on the top menu bar and then select your preferred blog category to find related posts that will hopefully inspire you.

How to do a simple search?

If you want to search for something precise, type your key word in the search bar (name of an artist, a location, a restaurant, etc). A list with the keyword, the name of events, activities (if there is any) or categories that contains information containing the keyword will appear.

Select the either the keyword, the event, activity or the category and ProxiDoo will display the relevant search result list as tiles.

How to perform and advanced search?

You can expand the search function by clicking on the “Filter” button found on the right of the search bar. This will show you additional search criteria such as near a location, at a given date period and within specific categories.

Fill one or all three of the criteria an validate them by clicking the ok button at the bottom of each. ProxiDoo will display the relevant search result list as tiles or will take you directly to the activity sheet.

Use the category filter to get more precise suggestions

The category filter is very important as it can help you precisely seek for information in a particular activity domain. For instance, you can expand the category “Go Out” by clicking on the arrow that’s on its left. This will display all its sub-categories. Then for example, expand “Shows and Concerts” to see its sub-categories, then select “Pop / Rock / Metal / Electro” to view only shows and concerts of that genre.

How to remove filters?

Don’t forget, your filters will remain active unless you remove them. To do so, click on the “X” of the “Filter” button found on the right of the search bar.

How to keep your favourite searches?

You can save all your favourite searches by just simply adding the URL displayed on your browser after performing a search to your browser’s favourite links.

How to change your language?

Change the language of ProxiDoo by clicking on “Language” on the top menu bar and then select your preferred language. Do the same to revert if you made an error in your selection.

How to change your default location?

If you are often seeking for things to do in a different location than where you are located and you don’t want to type the location in the advance filter each time, you can automatically set a default location in ProxiDoo by clicking on “My Location” on the top menu bar. Then fill in the “chose a place (city, location, etc)” or the “longitude and latitude” information and click save. Go back to ProxiDoo main screen. All search results will be determined from the new position defined.

You can revert to automatic GPS positioning by clicking back on “My Location” on the top menu bar and this time click on “Go back to Automatic/GPS position” This will remove you previous setting and will always use you GP position.


For all other help regarding legal or contractual information, please refer to the terms of use, legal notice and cookies found on the “Help” menu on the top menu bar. You can also contact ProxiDoo at